Making Gay History News

Making Gay History News

MGH Announces New Stonewall Factsheet

Making Gay History in collaboration with the Stonewall 50 Consortium, the NYC LGBT Historic Sites Project, New York Public Library, National Parks Conservation Association, and GLSEN released “Stonewall:  The Basics.”  To download the factsheet, click here.

April 15, 2019

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Outbeat Radio Devotes 4 Special Programs to MGH Interviews


In honor of the 50th anniversary of Stonewall, Outbeat Radio celebrates LGBTQ history by featuring MGH interviews during their programming on the 5th Sunday of March, June, September, and December 2019.

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NPR’s “All Things Considered” Features Interview with Eric Marcus


Michel Martin of NPR’s “All Things Considered” interviewed MGH host Eric Marcus about the podcast’s upcoming episode, which will feature a newly discovered interview with civil rights leader Bayard Rustin.

January 6, 2019

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BackStory Podcast Features MGH Hal Call Episode


BackStory featured an excerpt of MGH’s Hal Call episode and an interview with MGH host Eric Marcus about his exceptional experience of interviewing Hal in 1989 at Hal’s Circle J porn theater in San Francisco.

December 7, 2018

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The Wing’s “No Man’s Land” Features MGH Pioneers

The Wing

The Wing’s “No Man’s Land” podcast episode “Four Women, One Devastating Allegation” featured Dr. Evelyn Hooker, Barbara Gittings, and Kay Lahusen from the MGH archive.

December 6, 2018

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MGH Is One of Six Queer Podasts DAZED Thinks You Should Be Listening to Now!

DAZED Magazine

November 8, 2018

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MGH Audio Featured in Outward, Slate’s LGBTQ Podcast


October was gay history month, so Outward set out to find out what it means to be radical. The podcast honored radical queers who advocated for gay rights in a compilation of radicalization moments courtesy of Making Gay History.

October 17, 2018

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“8 LGBTQ History Podcasts You’ll Learn a Lot From”


Making Gay History is #1 on the list!

October 7, 2018

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The Scout Report Features Making Gay History

The Scout Report

August 31, 2018

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What’s In a Word? The Allusionist Takes On “Queer”

The Allusionist Podcast

From host Helen Zaltzman:  Strange or obtuse; a stinging homophobic slur; a radical political rejection of normativity; a broad term encompassing every and any variation on sexual orientation and gender identity: the word ‘queer’ has a multifarious past and complicated present. This is just a fraction of it.

Tracing the word’s movements are Kathy Tu and Tobin Low from Nancy podcast, Eric Marcus from Making Gay History, and historian and author Amy Sueyoshi, with cameo appearances from Katie Mingle from 99% Invisible, Katie Herzog from The Stranger, and Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye.

June 3, 2018

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